Ocean Prediction Center Mobile Products

In October 2012 OPC introduced a redesigned mobile website with more content and one that uses industry-standard HTML format. The new address is:


The new mobile site provides various marine forecasts and products to those customers with basic cell phones, smart phones, or computers using low-bandwidth connections. The previous mobile site (http://origin.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/mobile/index.wml) had limited content and used WML coding which has been superceded by HTML. The old mobile site will eventually be retired and no longer supported.

The following products are available on the Ocean Prediction Center mobile website for both the north Atlantic and north Pacific oceans:

  • High Seas, Offshores, and NAVTEX text forecasts
  • Marine Weather Discussions
  • 500-mb forecast charts
  • Surface analysis and forecast charts
  • Wind & Wave analysis and forecast charts
  • Sea State analysis charts
  • Wave Period & Direction forecast charts

Additionally, the main OPC homepage (origin.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/index.php) automatically detects mobile browsers so the mobile website will load by default. A link is provided on the mobile website so that users may access OPC's full-HTML website at origin.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/index.php?format=fullhtml if they prefer to do so.